I've decided I really must start blogging again...  I will give me something to do other than reading FaceBook while I drink my morning coffee lol.

This decision comes after reading the opinion piece on CNN by Dean Obaeidallah called "Lusting after the new iPhone".  I was just going through the same issues, taking my iphone 4s for granted, sneaking peeks at the galaxy when no one was looking.... I'm just saying...

So, this morning's blog needs to be about Dave Winters and the Leavenworth Blues Festival.  As promoters go, Dave is topnotch, took care of the bands and created a great line-up and a great festival.  The proceeds go to United Way - unfortunately, sponsors and attendance were not enough to make a profit, so Dave has started a campaign www.gofundme.com to raise the funds necessary.  If you read this, please consider supporting this great cause to keep the blues alive in Leavenworth.  Sure it's about them - but I really want to go back next year!!!!  

Oh - and I have my new iphone 5s - just haven't had the time to activate it yet, busy booking the band and supporting causes I believe in, so I'll have to blog about that later.

Diane Urbani De La Paz wrote this fabulous article about us when we were heading to Coyle to play the Laurel B. Johnson Community Center.  She was kind enough to mail me a copy - Thank You Diane!

Wow - it has been almost a year since I last blogged...it might be time to admit that this is not one of my strengths :)

This past year has been full of musical wonders.  The Julie Duke Band has evolved into a formidable blues presence (if I do say so myself) in the PNW (or at least in Kitsap county :) - which makes me so intensely happy.  My guys are fabulous and it is an honor to step onto the stage with them...every time.  When I am up there I am the happiest girl in the world - thank you boys.  As we wrap up the summer season I am feeling a bit melancholy...the days grow shorter and the nights grow colder and next summer is a long ways away...it is time to work on new songs, work originals into our sets and get media ready for submission to next year's festivals...as one season ends, another begins...  I want to send out a huge thank you to everyone who has been our audience this year...it is all for you...stay with us as we continue to evolve...may the blues be with you (I just couldn't resist).

Um...I guess summer is over...we had so many shows and met so many great people that I kinda lost track of time and here we are...

Well - to keep you up to date - we are laying low, rehearsing twice a week and learning lots of new material...even working on some originals...so we will have amazing set lists when we start playing again!  

We have some new videos ready for viewing (a big thank you to the fabulous Erik Johnson) and will have new promo material ready soon.  

I promise to keep the site and FaceBook page as up to date as I can :-)

I love a big stage...nothing makes you feel more like a rock star than being up on a giant stage with the wind blowing through your hair...ahhhh....  The pulled pork was yummy too.  Chad Hughes filled in on drums for John, who had another gig.  Chad (or The Chad, as I like to refer to him) did an awesome job.  A huge thank you to Port in the Pines for having us, we would love to come back next year!

Hey everybody!  We would love for you to come out and party with us on Friday at Island Music Center in Rolling Bay!  The Salmon Canyon Cafe will be there serving up delicious eats and we will be playing some tasty blues!

Wow - what a weekend!  The Julie Duke Band played for The Island Gallery on Bainbridge during the First Friday Art/Gallery Walk - what a great evening.  The sun was shining, the wine was flowing, the art was selling, the crowds were dancing...a lovely time.  We're hoping to do it again in September.  A huge thank you to Susan for having us.

Monday morning we dragged our sorry selves out of bed and headed to Kingston to be the first of many bands to play on the stage for the Fourth of July celebrations.  It was fabulous to use the amazing PA that was provided and the weather couldn't have been better.  Friends old and new showed up and The Julie Duke Band had a blast.  Thank you Clint, we love playing there.

Here is a link to the Kitsap Sun, their photographer Steve was there for our first set and captured this image of me...Julie Duke

Oh my, I forgot to blog about the Kingston Farmers Market - how could I???  Clint, who manages the market, was fabulous, as always, and we all had a great time (after Jim and Robert and Brian's fingers thawed - that stage is windy - but oh, so nice!).  We met the very cool band members of Triple Treat, be sure to check them out whenever you can and Kennedy, a talented young singer-songwriter, played during our breaks.  Old friends came by, new friends were made, all while great music was played - can't ask for more.  I was drinking some nasty herbal tea to fight my sore throat, stupid cold!  

We have some very exciting potential gigs coming up this summer - a car show, a race track, a blues festival, a barbecue championship and much, much more.  I will post the dates as soon as they are confirmed!

Oh boy oh boy!  What a crazy night!  A HUGE thank you to Robert's friend Scott for feeding the band (a well fed band is a happy band) and to Kelly for dancing (and enticing others to join in).  Every performance has its special moments and that night had quite a few.  My band (and I like to call them that, though the certainly don't belong to me!) is outstanding and I appreciate them so much.  Thanks to Glen for having us play there and helping get the sound just right.  I was so wound up after the performance I didn't get to sleep until after 3 am...felt just like the old days - fun times!

Oh yeah, that's right, they have some AMAZING food and wine there!  For those of you who missed it, we played on the patio at That's A Some Italian in Poulsbo during Viking Fest on Friday.  Yes, there were actual vikings wandering about.  It was a beautiful evening and we had a great time.  The audience was very appreciative (especially Jamie Lee, who was celebrating her 21st birthday) and the weather was perfect (more than you can ask for lately).  A great big thanks to Tom and Marti for having us!!!

The Julie Duke Band's First Annual Spring Fling at the Island Music Center was a fabulous occasion (if I do say so myself!).  A great big thanks to everyone who came out!  We have some video from the evening up on Youtube and I am still working on the recordings, I hope to have those up on the site soon.  Ranger from Ranger & the Re-Arrangers did an excellent job on sound (thank you Ranger!) and my daughter did a great job on lights!  We are planning another date there in October, we hope you will join us!

Yesterday The Julie Duke Band played the Bainbridge Island Farmers Market.  We had a great time despite having to start at 9am - not exactly when most blues bands start playing...unless they are still up from the night before!  The crowd seemed very appreciative of our performance and the children dancing was my favorite part.  A great big thank you to Martha, who runs the Market and to all the vendors.  Farmers Markets are a very important part of our communities and we need to support them.  There will be some wonderful photographs from the day posted on the site and Facebook soon.  

I want to let everyone know about our upcoming performance at the Island Music Center on Bainbridge Island.  You have a month from now to be sure to be there - May 7th, 7pm-9pm - you have to attend so you know where the after party is going to be!!!

The Julie Duke Band IMC Poster

Fun, fun time at the Portside Pub Open Mic.  A big thank you to James and the guys for hosting it (sorry, I promise I will learn the rest of your names!!!).  We played a seven song set of tunes new to us and it was great to get audience reaction to them.  Our "creative" endings didn't phase the crowd one bit!  The set was surely a high energy group of songs and it got REALLY hot in there!  Note to self - velvet blazer is tooooo warm for stage!.  We hope to get back there soon and play some more.  I love it when others come and jam on the percussion with us!

Had a crazy fun time at the Looney Bin Sunday night.  We got to play eight of our favorite songs and we'll be coming back in May to do a full night - more details on that later.  

Glen Bui's house band rocked the beginning of the evening with our own Brian Barta on guitar.  After we played our set other local talent entertained far into the night. 

Unfortunately we had to cut the evening short, as some of us had to work on Monday (okay, it was me).  I should be living the blues life I am singing about!!!  "Call my job, tell my boss I won't be in.  You can tell her that I'm sick tell her anything, but I just had too much weekend".  Thank you Chico Banks, I will do my best to achieve!  Until then, if anyone found a glass slipper, size 7.5, please let me know....

Note to the drinkers out there - vodka tonics = $3.50  What a deal!!!  Nice bartender too, be sure to tip her well (yeah, yeah, then set her back upright again).


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