I've decided I really must start blogging again...  I will give me something to do other than reading FaceBook while I drink my morning coffee lol.

This decision comes after reading the opinion piece on CNN by Dean Obaeidallah called "Lusting after the new iPhone".  I was just going through the same issues, taking my iphone 4s for granted, sneaking peeks at the galaxy when no one was looking.... I'm just saying...

So, this morning's blog needs to be about Dave Winters and the Leavenworth Blues Festival.  As promoters go, Dave is topnotch, took care of the bands and created a great line-up and a great festival.  The proceeds go to United Way - unfortunately, sponsors and attendance were not enough to make a profit, so Dave has started a campaign www.gofundme.com to raise the funds necessary.  If you read this, please consider supporting this great cause to keep the blues alive in Leavenworth.  Sure it's about them - but I really want to go back next year!!!!  

Oh - and I have my new iphone 5s - just haven't had the time to activate it yet, busy booking the band and supporting causes I believe in, so I'll have to blog about that later.

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