Had a crazy fun time at the Looney Bin Sunday night.  We got to play eight of our favorite songs and we'll be coming back in May to do a full night - more details on that later.  

Glen Bui's house band rocked the beginning of the evening with our own Brian Barta on guitar.  After we played our set other local talent entertained far into the night. 

Unfortunately we had to cut the evening short, as some of us had to work on Monday (okay, it was me).  I should be living the blues life I am singing about!!!  "Call my job, tell my boss I won't be in.  You can tell her that I'm sick tell her anything, but I just had too much weekend".  Thank you Chico Banks, I will do my best to achieve!  Until then, if anyone found a glass slipper, size 7.5, please let me know....

Note to the drinkers out there - vodka tonics = $3.50  What a deal!!!  Nice bartender too, be sure to tip her well (yeah, yeah, then set her back upright again).


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